The variety that has been bestowed to a woman’s wardrobe by God is by far the most elaborate, unique and endless. Add to it are the designers who work day and night to create newer looks within the same segment and come up with something innovative every time. A traditional attire of a particular region is worked upon with precision to convert it into something that becomes acceptable globally with time.

     The perfect example of such fashion contraption is a skirt, which was once called western attire. Although it might have its origin in the west, the designers have derived its Indian version also in the form of women’s skirt and cotton skirt. These ones have lots of flares which makes it somewhat identical to a ‘ghagra cholli’. It is this distinction which gives it the reputation of being a fusion wear. With its innovative styling you can create a glam and chic look with a long chiffon or Printed skirt teamed up with casual or party tops and a selection of funky fashion jewellery. These skirts give you the opulence of Indian craftsmanship with its rich and unique hues and are available in varying long lengths, knee lengths and shorter ones.

     Skirts are also an absolute sensation with teenage girls. A designer skirt is a must have for this age group which carries within itself a casual as well as classy a look. A short skirt combined with a blazer gives a business look to a lady while a frilled one is ideal for birthday girls.

Not to keep our plus sized women folk deprived of this fashion model, the good news is that these skirts also come in a variety of cuts, fits and lengths to suit any body shape. The ladies long skirts are specially meant for professional women but there is no hard and fast rule about it. With a little bit of creativity you can alter the overall look and feel of this dress. So wearing a skirt is no more a girly business now. It can be worn by almost any age group with a slight variation in its style.